Tolisano, Ahrens, Jackson - The Horror Trio

2B John Tolisano is the only one of 3 very high draft picks the Jays made in 2007 that seems to be displaying some parts of his potential. The 20 year old has 8 Hrs and 5 Sbs thus far, not bad for a 2nd baseman, but his .257 average leaves a lot to be desired even if it is well above what the other two are doing. Justin Jackson is hitting a lowly .228 (.178 in his last 10 games) and has no home runs to speak of. The 2007 1st round pick (45) is really disappointing and should be sent down to LoA until he finds his swing and before he needs anti-depressants. Kevin Ahrens is doing even worse for a 1st round pick (16), hitting .220 (.161 in last 10 games) with only 2 home runs on the season. What's worse is that they also lead the Dunedin team in errors, with Jackson committing 18 and Ahrens committing 11. Both Ahrens and Jackson need to be demoted, with SS Tyler Pastornicky and 3B Balbino Fuenmayor taking their places from Lansing. They need to realize that the time for them to perform and grow as players is now and also need to regain their confidence. If that means playing them against lesser competition, so be it!

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