Marc Rzepczynski ahead of David Purcey?

I know that the Jays want to give their young guys a chance this season, but the use of Marc Rzepczynski - who has only made 2 starts higher than AA - ahead of the experienced David Purcey, who has pitched very well of late in AAA, brings a couple of questions to mind.

1- Is it possible that the Jays want to evaluate whether or not they can expect good production from Marc in the near term, allowing them to begin negotiations to deal Roy?

2- It is also possible that they want to showcase Marc in order to deal him along with Wells in order to get rid of his ludicrous contract.

3- They may simply want someone for 1 start and want to fall back far enough in the standings so that they don't get hate mail when they deal Roy away.

Purcey's stats in AAA lately amount to (last 6 games) 29.2 IP, 24 HA, 8 ER, 16 BB and 28 Ks. To me, he seemed like the most logical choice if the Jays actually wanted to be competitive this season since he did make 12 starts for the Jays last year. Instead, they opted for the rookie - who I am very anxious to see pitch - and who along with Bret Cecil represents the future of the Jays rotation.


  1. It looks like zep did in his 1st pro start what he has been doing all the time in his minor league career; high walk total but an impressive performance. He looked composed and I expect another good start on Sunday againest the O's

  2. You're entirely right. Not only did his performance make trading Roy a little bit easier to do, but it also makes it harder to think about sending him down. My question would now be, between Marc and Bret, who's our future #1?

  3. Mat,

    That's a tough question, I think marc's stuff is as good as brett's but what a performance from Brett tonight. I'm not sure between 1 & 2 but let's keep these kids in the organization for years to come.

    I'm looking forward to see if Marc can have a quality start on Sunday.

    Where do you think Halladay will ge traded?