Jered Weaver only allowed 3 hits while striking out 10 Jays hitters last night in an Angels 8-1 win over the Jays. Maybe it was revenge for the embarrassment that Doc caused when he struck out 14 Angel hitters, but in any case it was a dominant performance. The Angels pen closed the door nicely thereafter. On the Jays end Casey Janssen only stayed in for 69 pitches, which is a little worrisome, but more worrisome was his ineffectiveness. I think we need to allow him to get back into a groove before we over-criticize each of his performances, but it may be something that would have been done a little more easily in AAA. Jesse Carlson has simply been horrible in his last couple of outings. What used to be an "in your face" style of aggressive pitching coming from Jesse is now a whimper that says "please don't...". I don't know when or why it happened, but he needs to figure it out quick because we need him. His ERA now sits at 5.00 on the season, coupled with BJ Ryan's 8.03 the pen is starting to look...uhhummm....shabby?

Let's hope they can turn it around tonight when Tallet goes for win #4 against John Lackey, who recently returned from injury.

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