The Doctor Delivers!

Last night's Jays game versus the Angels was a statement for different reasons. Cito Gaston allowed Roy Halladay to remain in the game long enough to throw 133 pitches. That's a statement about the trust he has in the pitcher knowing his limits (I'm sure he was approached before going out for the 9th inning), but one that also makes me very nervous. If Roy burns himself out before July ends, we're in trouble. Having said that....WOW!

To strike out a career high 14 hitters in your 11th season is impressive to say the least, especially when you're know to be a "pitch-to-contact" style pitcher. Roy only walked 1 hitter and allowed 7 hits. His stuff was nasty, sliding off the table whenever he chose and painting the corners like he had them pre-taped professionally. You could see it in the eyes of Angel hitters after he K'd them "how was I supposed to hit that?". You weren't. The 7th inning was the sole sore spot for Roy and the wild pitch was something I have not seen him do in a long time. It does show just how nasty the sink on his ball was last night.

Offensively, Rios hit his 7th HR of the season and Rolen-Millar-Barajas worked the bottom of the lineup into production with 2 hits a piece including 2 doubles, 4 runs, and 3 RBI. Surprisingly, Scutaro-Hill-Wells were cold the entire game at the top of the lineup, and Lind stole a base - his first of the season!!

The performance by Doc was needed in order to maintain momentum and to keep pace with both the Yanks and Sox who also won their games last night. Let's hope it doesn't burn him out or lead to injury.

Attendance for Tuesday's was close to 27,000 fans, not bad for the worst attendance night of the week!

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