Sick, just flat out sick.

How did the Jays lose this game 12 to 10 to the lowly Orioles? How can a pen that was so dominant in the past become fragile? Why is it that when the Jays bats fire, the arms fail? Why was Jesse Carlson kept in long enough for 5 runs to score? So many questions, so little time!

The truth is that this was actually 2 games, 1 with good pitching, one with good hitting and horrible pens. Either way, despite Scutaro and Hill's efforts to get the offense going including Hill's 12th home run of the season, the Jays lost their 9th in a row and now face a series versus the Red Sox. Great. I never expected it to get this ugly this quickly for the Jays. So, what kind of things can the Jays do to get better?
Well, here are a few possible Call Ups:

1- The Jays could call up SP Fabio Castro and put him in the pen for long relief, replacing the horrifying Shawn Camp.

2- The Jays could also call upon Jeremy Accardo who is wasting time dominating AAA and is clearly better than Brian Wolfe, who sports a hefty 5.68 ERA as a reliever!!! Send Wolf and Camp down, please. I get nervous every time they're call upon regardless of our lead. The pen upgrade would be huge. If not Fabio Castro because they want to keep him as a starter, then why not Daniel Farquhar who has been nearly flawless this season in HiA and AA.

3- call up Brad Emaus and give the infielders a break while he can start at 3 of the 4 infield positions and could also spell Lind as DH. You can get a good evaluation of what he can do and as far as I can tell he'd be a much better pinch hitter than Joe Inglett! If not Emaus, why not give 1B Brett Harper a try. Lyle Overbay has been as useless a 1B as Sean Casey used to be. Great D, very iffy bat. Harper has 10 HRs in AAA with a decent .294 average, what would it hurt to try him out in the bottom of the order?

4- JP Arencibia is someone who could light a fire under Barajas when needed, but this may not be the right time. I thought it would have been decent earlier on when many of the guys pitching for the Jays had already pitched to JP in the minors, but now that the older guys are returning, he may be better off waiting a while longer. However, he'll be ready when they call and has been one of the hottest minor league hitters in May as previously posted here.

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