Bring out the Brooms Part II!!

How sad was this series vs the Red Sox for the Jays offense? Very sad and discouraging after it had the same issues vs the Yankees.

If the pitching is going to be able to withstand the pressure it faces each time we face one of the mammoths, it needs support from the offense. Each of the three games against the Sox had the pitching holding its own until they realized that they were going to have to be perfect to win the game because the offense was nowhere to be seen. Hitters were not moving guys ahead, and they certainly didn't get many hits with RISP. I knew that this series would test the bats of the Jays, but I had no idea that it would get their bats so out of sync that runs would be non-existent.

The Jays had 11 hits in the last game of the series vs Jon Lester, yet they were only able to drive in one run. Situational hitting needs to get better during big games. Maybe that's the last hurdle for this team (hitting with RISP against the big teams - when the pressure is greatest), because they have everything else going for them. Only Lind didn't have a hit last night, and sure enough he left 6 runners on base. The game before that, both Lind and Rolen left 4 runners on base, but each had 1 hit in the game. And on Tuesday it was Rios's turn to leave 4 runners on base. These are the key ABs that the Jays were driving in for the majority of the season.

Now that the Red Sox have swept us and reminded the Jays of just how fragile a season can be, they head into Atlanta for the first interleague series of the season. Let's hope Doc gets us back on the right page and the bats come alive once again. But, if the Jays are going to make the playoffs, they NEED to beat the Red Sox and Yankees in the future, so they need to learn whatever it is they need to win to make it happen.

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