International Analysis: Gustavo Pierre - SS

The Jays signed Gustavo Pierre, a 16 yr old SS from the Dominican Republic in July of 2008 to a contract with a hefty $700,000 bonus.

The Jays needed another SS prospect in the system aside from Justin Jackson and are hoping they have a Jays version of Elvis Andrus on their hands. Pierre is currently 6'2" and 183 lbs, but at his age there is plenty of room for growth. If he does add on a lot of height or bulk up, he could be moved to 3B or the OF. He currently has plenty of speed, considered a plus runner by scouts, but there are concerns that he may not have a strong arm. He has hit for power thus far, but we'll see how that power translates this season when he plays for a DSL squad.

The Jays have had mixed results from their International signings and could use a break out performance to solidify and enhance their investments in Latin America. If Pierre and other can break out, the Jays may increase the number of signings they make and compete in an area they can use to help them catch up to the Yankees and Red Sox without breaking the bank in MLB Free Agency. Although the initial bonus may seem steep, how happy would the Jays be if they have an Elvis Andrus on their MLB squad at his salary and his age?

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